Style Guide for Bridal Events

With so many pre-wedding events, you’ll definitely need to prepare your wardrobe (and possibly your wallet) for all of the outfits that you’ll be needing. We’ve provided a few tips for what to wear to these events as the bride and we also included ideas for your guests.

Before you dive into some of the examples we’ve come up with, we wanted to remind you to make sure you brief your guests on attire requirements when you send out invitations or on your wedding website to avoid anyone arriving in something you might consider inappropriate for your big day.

Bridal Brunches/Bridal Showers

Bride: A simple white dress, romper, pantsuit or jumpsuit would be a great idea for a bridal brunch. If you aren’t typically a dress wearer, white jeans and a white top would suffice! It is tradition for the bride to wear white to all bridal events – so just keep your eye out for white apparel!

Guests: For brunches, think cute casual for a home-set event. Dress a little nicer if you are going to a restaurant or a more upscale venue. Sweaters with jeans, dresses, rompers, jumpsuits will all suffice here, as long as they are not white. 

Rehearsal/Rehearsal Dinner

Bride: Something along the lines of a bridesmaid dress would work for you. A white dress that coordinates with your wedding dress could be a good idea. For example, a lace mini or midi dress could look good to give your guests a taste of the gown you will wear the following day. We would definitely recommend a nicer white dress for the rehearsal dinner.

Guests: We suggest dressing in a way that fits the atmosphere of the event. If the dinner is a casual backyard BBQ, it might not be necessary to dress to the nines, but more likely than not it will be a nicer event that will require you to wear a dressy jumpsuit, dress, romper, etc. rather than just a pair of jeans. Nicer skirts might also be allowed for this. For the men at a semi-formal rehearsal dinner, suit jackets, ties and slacks with dress shoes will suffice.

Wedding Day

Bride: Yay! Wedding dress time!

Guests: Typically you will wear cocktail attire. This would be similar to the rehearsal dinner outfit, so think dressy. Cocktail dresses, dressy jumpsuits/ rompers, LBD’s and pant suits will work for the ladies. For men attending black-tie affairs, a tuxedo must be worn. If it is not a black-tie event, wear a darker colored suit with dress shoes.

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