Should I Hire a Coordinator for My Wedding?

As you know, there are a variety of different vendors that you’ll need to hire for your wedding to come to life. Today we are going to go in depth on a month-of or full service wedding coordinator and what types of responsibilities they have when it comes to your wedding day. To put it simply – you want to hire this type of vendor to deal with all of the logistic BS you don’t need to waste your energy on during your wedding day.


There is a bit of a difference between a month-of coordinator and a full-service coordinator. As the name suggests, a month-of coordinator will come in about a month-two months before your wedding day and get acquainted with all of the plans you’ve made up until this point. This person will work with your other vendors to finalize logistics and to fine-tune the details – figuring out the timeline for each vendor and really just make it all happen. A full-service planner will be there from start to finish during the planning process. Not only will this person organize the logistics and get all of your vendors on the same page on the day-of, they will also help bring the design vision to life.  

Break down what they’ll actually do a little more for me.

Create the wedding timeline to send to all vendors 
Conduct the wedding rehearsal the day before the event
Assist the bride and wedding party with schedule for dressing and photos 
Run through the nitty gritty details such as number of place settings, placement of napkins, favors, etc.
Double check cake placement, lighting, and floor plan
Give the correct cues to the hired wedding professionals

As the last person to leave, the coordinator will also scan the venue for any personal belongings and compile all of the wedding gifts.

How will this benefit me?

Technically, you are the host of your wedding day. This means without a coordinator, vendors and guests will come to you for direction. Creating the timeline for the day and dealing with any and all problems that may arise during the day (trust us – something will go wrong). Maybe the caterer forgot a side item and will have to rush to bring it back later in the day or maybe a groomsman forgot part of his tux and needs an emergency delivery. Something along these lines is going to happen – it’s inevitable. Wouldn’t you much rather have someone whose job it is to deal with the wedding day mishaps rather than everything being on you? We think it’s a great idea to keep stress levels low on your big day.

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