COVID-Friendly Bridal Events

Nothing has been easy in regard to executing a wedding and all of the typical activities leading up to the big day during this time of COVID. We’re going to help you dive into a few COVID-friendly ways that you can still celebrate your engagement alongside your spouse, in addition to having a safe bridal shower and bachelorette party with the girls!

Starting with the engagement party – let’s face it, we’re all tired of Zoom meetings and virtual gatherings where everyone just talks over each other or awkwardly stares at each other. If having a small gathering with your closest friends while wearing masks doesn’t sound appealing, consider having a drive-by celebration where friends and family can still come see you in person to drop off a gift or simply speak their congratulations to you as a newly engaged couple. Human interaction is definitely lacking these days, so this could be a great compromise in terms of being face to face with your loved ones!

Pre-COVID bridal showers might include a brunch or lunch along with activities for the guests to play to see who knows the couple best, usually followed with a little prize of some sort. There is absolutely still a way to get the games going from a distance with websites like Kahoot! – which allows users to create quizzes that can be answered individually and automatically calculates the scores that are shown on a leaderboard in between each round. Consider sending party favors to each household ahead of time so that everyone can raise a glass from the safety of their own homes. Have your guests send gifts to the bride’s home with a special note not to open until the day of the bridal shower.

As the Maid of Honor or Mother of the Bride, be sure to still make your bride feel like the guest of honor by decking out her bar cart with a few options for drinks (Bloody Mary? Mimosa? Wine? What does she like?!). Also think about setting up a special chair, making sure she has a sash, and even providing her with a meal for her to eat before or after (or during, who are we to judge?) that will make the day feel fabulous!

We know the term “staycation” has been thrown around a lot lately, and we’ve noticed that bachelorette parties are still happening – even if it is just renting out an AirBnB a couple of blocks away for your MOH to decorate for the most epic/socially distanced sleepover of the year with your best friends! 

Regardless of if you’ve decided to postpone your wedding or if you are going to proceed with your original plan and just follow COVID guidelines, there is absolutely still a way to have your dream wedding, and in the end, you will still be married to the love of your life!

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