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From the sentimental family heirlooms to the decorative marquee letters, there are so many things that make your wedding day unique. If you’re at a loss for what to include in your wedding, we will gladly walk you through a few examples of details we often see at weddings. And if you are located in the Piedmont Triad area, we will give you some of our detailed “friendors” that we recommend! We assure you, at Point200 we proudly notice and capture all of the minor details that might go unnoticed so that you can cherish them each time you click play on your wedding video. 

Vintage Furniture & Decor

Velvet couches for photo ops, refurbished buffets that display food and drink, brass candlesticks to enhance table settings – these are just a few examples of pieces that can most definitely transform your wedding space. 

Eventful – Greensboro, NC

Marquee Letter Rental

Establishing if you want a rustic, modern, or boho style wedding might be an easy decision right off the bat, but getting down to sifting through all of the options in terms of decor can be challenging. As videographers, we understand the importance of lighting and the way that it enhances the ambiance of a room, while also making it easier for your guests to see all of the gorgeous decor that you’ve envisioned for months. Lighting itself can even be a focal decor item, and in this case we are talking about marquee letters! No matter the wedding style that you’ve pictured, marquee letters are SUCH a fun addition to a reception and make for a great photo op. 

Alpha Lit – Triad, NC

Cigar Bar

Providing a unique form of entertainment outside of music can definitely enhance your wedding reception, and hey, it is a celebration after all, so why not provide your guests with something as cool as a cigar bar? These cigar bars typically look one of two ways. The first way would look more like a station where guests gather and pick up a pre-rolled cigar to enjoy together. The second way would include a person working as a cigar roller, which becomes more of an educational experience. Even if some of your guests aren’t typically cigar smokers, they can take a cigar to someone in their life that enjoys them that couldn’t attend the wedding. Be sure to check with your venue about their “smoking” policy and make sure it applies to cigars before taking the next steps with this extra detail.

Havana Phils (Cigar Maker) – Greensboro, NC 

Guest Books

Remembering all of your loved ones that gathered together to attend your wedding can be made easy with a guest book. We’re all familiar with the classic bound book, but in this section we’d love to give you some creative twists that might feel a little more exciting to look through after your big day.

Showcase more of your engagement photos with a book full of photos of you and your partner with enough white space for each guest to leave a comment in.

Personalized wooden blocks for Jenga? has an awesome custom box to store these blocks and allows the couple to reminisce on their special day each time they play the game.

Get your guests excited with a photobook that allows them to be interactive and take a selfie with a Polaroid camera, but make sure to have a wedding planner or family member close by to assist as needed with refilling the film.

Have a jar for either travel ideas or date night ideas. This one is great if you think your guests will be better off providing some sage travel advice or creative date ideas, rather than mushy-gushy marriage advice.

Wedding Cakes

Have your cake and eat it too? You absolutely can’t go wrong with the traditional route of having a tiered cake, but a recent wedding cake trend that we have noticed is couples displaying a smaller cake. These cakes are usually designed to fit the couple’s wedding aesthetic while additionally serving their guests other dessert options such as a donut wall, which can be more of an economical choice! No matter what size cake you choose, you’ll still have the opportunity to shove cake in each other’s faces 🙂

Maxie B’s – Greensboro, NC

Fresh Florals

Having a stunning bouquet is a great way to enhance your dream wedding dress. But, if you have no idea of the price of these colorful wedding florals, buckle up. From bouquets, ceremony/reception decor, table displays, and possible petal tosses, there are definitely a ton of flowers to potentially purchase! Another detail to consider when planning your florals is the date of your wedding and which flowers bloom locally at that time of year, otherwise you’ll spend even more getting those flowers shipped in from other countries. Your venue can also impact the types of flowers that you choose. For example, if you love sunflowers and daisies, but are getting married in an elegant ballroom setting – that might look out of place. Similarly, you probably would not choose very tall arrangements in gold and crystal vases for your more casual lakeside wedding. Finding a florist you trust to bring your vision to life is super important and mapping out your expectations before interviewing them will make things go much smoother (and SHOULD help you avoid going over budget).

Sedgefield Florist – Greensboro, NC

The list for details really could go on and on, from confetti cannons to live scene painting to ring boxes and save the dates. If you would like any more ideas or recommendations from us at Point200, do not hesitate to reach out!

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