Biggest Regret Brides Have!

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Want to know what 98% of brides regret not doing for their wedding day? Investing in an experience wedding videographer and gifting themselves the best gift of all, a wedding film.

Think about it, after months of planning and preparation, your big day is finally here! In a matter of hours, you will be married and this incredible day will soon become a memory to all in attendance. When people say your wedding day will fly by – they are NOT kidding. Those fine-tuned details that made your day so perfect will definitely be remembered, but what about the small things that were just icing on the cake? 😉 

Hiring a videographer ensures that the details of your entire day will be captured so that you can cherish them for a lifetime! Yes, photography can do this too – but what about hearing the voices of your loved ones? Getting to relisten to the heartfelt speeches that were well-composed by the people that mean the most to you? Watching those that may no longer be with us dancing and celebrating the love of you and your spouse? We consider these moments priceless.

One of the coolest things about the video is that you get to see your wedding through the eyes of your guests. Rewatching the happiness from your husband seeing you in your dress for the first time, reminiscing on the emotion evoked from those pre-ceremony heartfelt letters, reliving the hilarious moment you shoved cake in each other’s faces. Our goal at Point200 is to capture the immense joy shared between you and your spouse to give you a warm feeling for years to come. 

When we asked some of our previous couples how often they watch their videos, results varied from once a week to once a month. Your wedding video can make special occasions such as anniversaries even more special. One day you’ll even have something amazing to show your future children and allow them to really grasp the love shared between their parents. The choice is ultimately yours, but we can confidently say that we have never had any of our clients regret booking a videographer. For more information about what is included in a wedding package and pricing of the different levels of videography, please visit our website.

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