Why Your DJ Matters

Photo by DJ Kidd Green

Believe it or not, most of your vendors will likely be working together during the day of your wedding. Huh? Why would your photographer and videographer need to know what the DJ is up to? Don’t they just do their own jobs? 

Well, in order to capture big moments including toasts, dances, and cake cutting – your DJ needs to be ON TOP OF IT! Hiring an experienced DJ that knows to contact your day-of coordinator who then will grab the photographer and videographer for these moments is imperative if you want to get shots of you and your partner during big moments. An organized team of vendors will keep your stress levels down during the wedding. 

Picking the right DJ is also crucial because they are the ones responsible for setting the tone for your entire reception! Their job is to keep guests amped up and on their feet with the type of music that YOU want. How awkward would it be if you wanted to hear some old school country music or 90’s throwbacks and your DJ is strictly playing pop hits and line dances that drive you nuts? Do your research on your DJ and make sure to give them a clear understanding of the type of music you like and if necessary, a list of the songs you DO NOT want to hear. 

While indoor venues typically have WiFi available, you’d never want your DJ to rely on having it. A great question to ask your DJ is if they have their music downloaded, because we all know how easily you can lose signal and how frustrated you feel when that happens! Having music downloaded beforehand is especially vital if your reception is in a barn or a vineyard or another outdoor location where there is no chance of WiFi even being an option. 

Looking to include another interactive activity for guests? Some DJs may also provide equipment for visuals or other forms of entertainment including photo booths. If this is something you think your guests would enjoy, consider asking the DJ if he/she provides anything other than just sound equipment. 

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